Organic Material Recovery Facilities In Brazil

Brazilian organic material recovery facilities directory - showing MRFs companies in Brazil that receive, separate and prepare recyclable organic materials.

Company Name MRF Type Automation Level Materials Processed (tons/year)
Almeida Ambiental Santa Catarina
Associação Recicle a Vida Distrito Federal Commercial, Industrial
Brasil Coleta Gerenciamento de Resíduos Ltda São Paulo Industrial
Capital Recicláveis Ltda. Distrito Federal Commercial, Industrial
Conesul Soluções Ambientais Rio Grande do Sul Residential, Commercial, Industrial
GMV Recycle São Paulo Commercial, Industrial
Grupo Cetric Minas Gerais Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Grupo DS Ambiental São Paulo Industrial
Novo Rio Ambiental Distrito Federal
Sabiá Solução Ambiental Paraná Residential, Commercial, Industrial
Sanepav Saneamento Ambiental São Paulo Residential, Commercial
Translix São Paulo